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7 Potential Warning Signs of Infidelity

There are no sure warning signs of infidelity. All the warning signs listed below may be due to any number of reasons. However, they do provide some useful clues if you are feeling suspicious of your partner.

Infidelity Warning Sign #1
Increased Isolation from Partner or Family: This could take take the form of staying up later and using the computer after everyone is in bed, disinterest or less involvement in family activities, etc...

Infidelity Warning Sign #2
More Time Away From Home:  This could include longer working hours; more out-of-town travel; more evening or weekend meetings. The explanations for these changes may be overly detailed or they may be overly broad such as as “the new project” or “the planning board” or “my yoga class.”

Infidelity Warning Sign #3
Sudden and Intense Preoccupation with a New Hobby Not Involving the Spouse: A sudden and intense interest in a new activity that is deliberately not shared with the partner and is pursued away from home.

Infidelity Warning Sign #4
Preoccupation with Personal Appearance; A change hair style, a new wardrobe, sudden desire to get into better shape; purchasing new, sexy underwear.

Infidelity Warning Sign #5
Money:  Less open about expenditures; checks missing from the family bank accounts or questionable credit card charges; spending more money on restaurants, hotels, motels, or gifts or on enhancing own attractiveness and desirability.

Infidelity Warning Sign #6
Change in Behavior Towards Partner: Unpredictable behavior that can sometimes be rejecting and critical and sometimes overly clingy; may give the impression that he or she would rather be alone and does not want to talk or be touched; may start arguments and storm out for a few mysterious hours away from home.

Infidelity Warning Sign #7
Sex and Affection: ¬ There may be an increase in sexual desire, and sex may be more passionate; new techniques or positions may be tried or requested. Alternatively, there may be an avoidance of sexual contact. To make things even more confusing the unfaithful partner may alternate between the two, being more sexual some times and indifferent at others. There may be less spontaneous affection and fewer romantic kisses.

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